Flavour Frozen Chicken Chop(6pcs)

Flavour Frozen Chicken Chop(6pcs)

Flavour Frozen Chicken Chop(6pcs)

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Preparation 食用方法: Defrost, fry until it is fully cooked, and serve 解冻后,扒放在上煎至熟透即可上桌。

Storage Guide 贮存方式: Freezer (3 month) 放入冰箱冷藏能保存3个月

Packing Size 包装大小: Each pack contain min 300g 每份300g

Convenience ready to cook products, and can be kept frozen for up to 3 months. Our product is packed in vacuum bags and does not have any preservatives or coloring.


1. Defrost and thaw either overnight in 3-6 degrees celcius refrigerator or submerge whole package in running water until fully thawed

2. Sear in the pan for 5 - 8minutes on each side until fully cooked

3. Add some sides chicken chop is ready for served.

Storage Guide: Freezer (3 months)

Packing Size: Each pack contain min 300g

*NOTE : We only ship this product within Klang Valley. For more information, drop us a message to enquire more about where we will ship to. Thank you for shopping with us !

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